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Renee Augustine
Owner / Principal Designer

Studio R Design

Interior designer, Renee Augustine, is the founder and principal of Studio R Design.  Renee’s diverse design portfolio includes residential, commercial, and multi-family clients.  Renee’s design style is modern, sophisticated, and inviting.  She often blends her aesthetic with curated collections, texture, color, and global inspiration.  She believes that every project should have an eclectic edge unique to each client and is personally involved in each project.

Renee and Studio R Design have been featured in Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, Better Homes & Garden, Colorado Expression and Eco Home.

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Tara Overbye

Favorite Pantone Color:
301 CP, “Typical T”

Reason for wanting to become a designer?
When I was young, I used to sneak into new homes that were being built in my area at night (you can do that kind of thing in Wisconsin). I loved watching structure transform and became obsessed with understanding spatial adjacencies. Architecture may have been in the cards for me, but I gravitated more towards finished spaces and how people use them.

What inspires you?
Color, art, large cities, and unique people

3 favorite words/phrases relating to design? 
Layered, curated, symmetry

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Becky Pollard

Favorite Pantone Color: 
7717C Very Veridian

Why you love your job as a designer?
People spend a majority of their time indoors and it’s exciting to have such an impact on people

Painting, skiing, traveling and consuming wine

What does being creative mean to you?
Having the ability to create something from nothing

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Lisa Singleton

Favorite Pantone color:
Pantone 7732 CP “Beany Greeny”

What excites you the most about design?
The process!  Every project is different, and you never know what journey it will take you on.

Three words to describe yourself…
Humorous, Thoughtful, Honest

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? 
Paris in the 1920’s

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